Error Code 0C00FF

Problem Description:

Print Mask could not be generated. The mask generation algorithm could not generate the print mask. Possible causes are memory corruption, print mode definition incompatible with mask restrictions (if using an external RIP). The cause is not likely to be the Printhead because if it was, the Printhead would be marked as XX21 REPLACE.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Re-boot the Printer and the error code should not appear again.

2. If the problem continues to appear and the customer is using an external RIP, ask them to try one of the internal print modes by printing from the HP Driver. If the problem disappears, then the RIP print mode was causing the problem and the customer should contact the RIP vendor.

3. Check whether there is a printhead in the XX21 REPLACE status. If there is, replace that Printhead.

4. If there is no Printhead in the XX21 REPLACE status, print the Diagnostic Print to find the Printhead with the failing nozzles.

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