Error Code 61:05

Problem Description:

Error Processing Job. This Error Code only appears in HP DesignJets 800 Series, or in the HP DesignJet 500 Series with an HP-GL/2 card installed, when processing either a PostScript or HP-GL/2 file.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Switch the Printer Off and wait a few minutes. Switch the Printer On again and resend the file that you were trying to print.

2. If the Error Code reappears after resending the file, then try generating the file again and try to print again.

3. If the file that is causing this error is PostScript, check if it is Binary. If the file is Binary, use AppleTalk to send the file to the Printer. If AppleTalk is not being used to send the Binary file to the Printer, then change the PostScript settings to Binary through the Front Panel (Set-up menu / PS settings / Encoding / Binary).

4. If the Error Code continues to reappear, check for a new release of the Driver

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