Error Code ffff ffff xxxxxxxx (General Firmware Error)

Problem Description:

All ffff ffff errors are general firmware errors. This does not mean that the firmware has failed, but that the firmware (as a piece of software) has experienced an internal crash and before doing anything incorrectly it displays this error. We can compare this to the “blue-screen” that appears in the Windows operating system when there is a software problem. These errors also mean a system crash.

Usually, the errors are sporadic and appear very randomly. The best solution is just to switch the Printer OFF and ON and check if the problem has disappeared (as in Windows). Frequently, the problem will disappear.

However, sometimes the same system error appears quite often or it is permanent. Its root cause (as explained above) may not necessarily be a firmware problem; it could also be related to the Ink Supplies, Electronics Module, etc.

In this situation, please take note of the Firmware version, the situation where the problem can be reproduced and the COMPLETE system error code and report it to the division.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Power-cycle the Printer and to check whether it still fails.

2. If it still fails, upgrade to the latest Firmware revision (as the newer revisions are more stable and solve many of the problems) and check whether it still fails.

3. If it still fails, report the error to the division. In this case, it is important to report the firmware revision the printer is using, the complete error number, which software application the customer is using (name, version, etc.) and as much information as possible about when it occurred.

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