Error Code 24:YZ

Problem Description:

Ink Setup failure

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Switch the power off from the back of the printer and disconnect the power cord. Insert the new purgers, reconnect the power cord and power on the printer.

2. Perform the Ink Delivery System diagnostic test in order to check that the bongos (pushers) go up and down to pressurize ink in the tubes and the Out of Ink sensors work properly.

3. Try purging the Ink Supply Tubes again once the printer has been restarted.

4. If the diagnostic test does not find any problem, install new cartridges in the printer and try purging the Ink Supply Tubes again. It could be that one of the cartridges is defective.

5. If the problem persists, replace the Ink Supply Tubes. You must bring purgers and ink cartridges.

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