Error Code 0C0040

Problem Description:

Error in Printhead Drop Detection. This error code appears when the Printer detects that the same area of nozzles do not work in different Printheads. The possible causes are either fibres or a piece of paper in the Drop Detector or that the Scan-Axis reference is incorrect.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Manually recover the Printheads and check whether the error still appears.

2. If the error does appear again, then check that there no fibres or pieces of paper in the Drop Detector.

3. If the error does not appear again, then check that the Scan-Axis stop of the Carriage is not deformed too much (some slight deformation of upto 0.5mm is normal, but if it is bigger than that, then replace the Carriage Assembly and recalibrate the Printer).

4. If the Scan-Axis is OK also, then replace the Drop Detector or the Service Station Assembly and recalibrate the Printer

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