Error Code 71:04

Problem Description:

Out of memory.

The total memory available in the printer depends on its configuration. It is reported as HP-GL/2 memory or PS/PDF memory. If the amount of memory that the printer needs to process the file is more than the amount available, the printer will display this system warning. The amount of memory required for processing the file is known as the ‘Display list memory’:

● The display list memory should not be confused with the file size of the print job. The size of the display list memory depends on several variables such as the resolution, file size and file content.

● The display list memory is not visible to the user.

● There have been a few cases in which a print job with a relatively small file size has triggered an out-of-memory message. Such print jobs typically have a large number of objects in them or have complex objects such as raster images with gradients or objects with multiple layers.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Upgrade the firmware to the latest version available.

2. Decrease the print resolution to 300 dpi.


If the customer does not accept the print quality after reducing the resolution or using Econofast print mode, proceed to the workaround in step 3.

◦ The resolution required by the printer to process the file is set by the print mode selected (Best, Normal, Fast). There is a setting available that enables you to decrease the resolution for each print mode to 300 dpi. If this setting is used, the rendering resolution will be reduced, but the output (printing) resolution will remain the default of the selected print mode. There could be an impact on Image Quality because of the reduction in the rendering resolution; this will be especially noticeable in circles and lines with very low inclination.

3. Use the ‘Econofast’ print mode. The rendering resolution will be set by default to 300 dpi. In the Paper/Quality tab of the printer properties window, select Custom options and press the Settings button. In the Custom Print Quality Options window, check the Economode box.


If the Out of Memory message still persists, proceed to the next workaround.

4. Out of Memory issues can always be solved if the processing of the job can be performed before reaching the printer. This can be done by selecting ‘Send Job as Bitmap’. The main processing of the print job will then be performed by the computer.This form of printing is recommended when the print job contains raster images, and mixed plots with raster images and lines, because the process of turning a print job made of raster images to vector images leads to a significant increase in the display list memory.

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