Error Code 81:YZ

Initial checks

This error can occur because the printer has been dropped during transportation, causing structural damage. Before continuing with the 81:YZ troubleshooting, first look for structural damage. To identify the structural damage, look for the following three things:

● Consistent 81:YZ error codes.

● Platen fingers rubbing on the roller surface, leaving black marks on the roller.

● A gap on the platen beam. If there’s any gap in Z (vertical direction) between the plastic feature of the platen and the metal side plate, then the chassis is damaged and the unit cannot be repaired.

Problem Description:

Problem with paper advance. This source of error could come from an error in any of the following systems: paper motor, disk encoder, cables or main electronics.

Corrective Action:

Try the following:

1. Open the Window and check for any visible obstacles restricting the movement of the Drive Roller. If there is a wrinkled mass of media inside the paper path, lift the Pinchwheels (using the Media Lever) and clear the obstruction.

2. Perform the Media Drive diagnostic test to troubleshoot the problem further.

3. Perform the Rewinder diagnostic test to troubleshoot the problem further.

4. Check the connections on the Main PCA; the Media Advance Drive is connected to the connector labeled Paper Motor.

5. Adjust the encoder disc and motor mount configuration using the Media Advance Drive installation instructions.

6. Replace the Media Advance Drive.

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